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Mosquitoes are pests you should tolerate in your area since they can bite you day and night. you need to know that malaria is caused by mosquitoes. They also make you have sleepless night since they are a hindrance. There is a need for you to give a stop to the spread and the breeding of mosquitoes by taking several measures that do no favor mosquitoes. Building a mosquito trap is one way you can do to make the spread of mosquito impossible. People living near river banks and water bodies may have a big challenge curbing the breeding of mosquitoes near those areas since the water bodies are a good breeding ground for the spread of mosquitoes and therefore residents should embrace the use of mosquito traps since you can deal with a lot of mosquitoes at a go. You need to make your trip and make sure you have placed them somewhere in the dark where mosquitoes can accumulate and get trapped. For example, you can make your trap at home and still work by combining water, sugar, and yeast in a cylinder as this is good attention for mosquitoes. The mixture provides a good trap for the mosquitoes and within no time you may find that mosquitoes have filled the trap whereby you are required to pour the solution after every two weeks and by so doing, you will have reduced the manifestation of mosquitoes in your home.

You can also control mosquitoes by using mosquito repellants. The work of mosquito repellants is to push mosquitoes away and by so doing, mosquitoes will not find any breeding ground since the repellent will not give them ample time to live. Since once they inhale the smell of the repellants they are more likely to lose consciousness and die Since some of the methods you can use to make the repellants work are expensive, you can use the easy way and those are the use of saucer dish washing soap and lemon eucalyptus since they are more available than others. In that case, you need to know which way is available and use any o both depending on their availability and convenience.

Planting mosquito repellants pants are also another way you can embrace to control the number of mosquitoes in your area. You may find a chance and come across such plants and they are good since they will help to push mosquito away from your home without your presence. Another way you can use to get rid of mosquitoes in your area is by removal of weeds and bushes since they contribute a lot for breeding and increase in the number of mosquitoes in the area.

The other thing you need to do is to remove stagnant water. You need to use other methods of controlling mosquito once you are sure there is no stagnant water near your home.
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